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Jp,En メキシコのコーヒーを石切で

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休憩はいつものPuente Coffeeさんで。メキシコの豆。プエンテさん、来週からグアテマラ、コスタリカに農園を回られるそうです。3/29(日)の石切マルシェにて、買い付けられた豆でご出店いただけます!なんと現地リポートのミニ講演もお願いしています!楽しみー!



I dropped in at my favorite micro roaster to take a rest today as well. The owner selected Mexican coffee beans for me and poured a cup of coffee with hand dripping! I enjoyed and was satisfied with its light and clear taste. By the way he will go to Costa Rica and Guatemala to trip around coffee beans farms to buy beans!! After coming back to Japan, at my company’s event” Ishikiri Marche” on 29th March, he will drip coder with these beans and have a presentation to introduce his activity in two Central American countries! I can’t wait!!





この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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